Liftoff for Emergency Helicopter

Liftoff for Emergency Helicopter

The Mt. Carmel Survival Flight helicopter lifts off from the St. Ann's Hospital helipad after a public relations visit to the complex on Cleveland Avenue. My Final Photo for July 19,...

More Than Enough Corn

Customers sort through one farmer's selection of fresh corn at the Uptown Westerville Farmers Market. My Final Photo for July 18,...

Changing Signals

A utility contractor moves signal cables to temporary poles at the corner of Schrock and Cleveland Ave. as work continues expanding the intersection and Cleveland Avenue's connection to I-270. My Final Photo for July 17,...

Cleaning Up The Bank Building

The front of Middlefield Bank in Uptown Westerville receives a cleaning powerwash restoring the color of the front of the building to near what it was in 1913 when it opened as the Bank Of Westerville. My Final Photo for July 16,...

Twisting and Shouting At The Invasion

Part of the overflow crowd twists and shouts to "Twist and Shout," the last song played by The British Invasion at their concert at the Alum Creek Amphitheater. My Final Photo for July 15,...

An Artful Selfie

The Weaver family and friends pose for a selfie in front of the Everal Barn during the first hours of the Westerville Music and Arts Festival at Heritage Park. My Final Photo for July 14,...

Almost Ready For The Festival

Matt Ulry signals thumbs-up as helpers level support girders before raising the Westerville Music And Arts Festival banner over Lindimore Way, the roadway that runs through the park where the festival opens Saturday. My Final Photo for July 13,...

At The Fishing Hole

Grandfather and grandson spend time fishing at the small inlet at Red Bank Park. My Final Photo for July 12, 2018....

First of the fresh corn

An abundance of cherry tomatoes and the first fresh corn made their appearance at the Wednesday Farmers Market in Uptown Westerville. My Final Photo for July 11,...

First, Pump Out The Manhole

Westerville Electric workers pump out a manhole in order to lay new electrical cable to supply an office building being built along Altair Parkway in the Westar business district. My Final Photo for July 10,...

Braun Farm on Monday Morning

Planting, movement of tractors and implements, and removal of the bee hives changes the look of the Braun Farm property for the summer. My Final Photo for July 9,...

Bridge Rescue

Delaware County first responders use a rescue gurney to carry a man from beneath the bridge over Big Walnut Creek in Galena. My Final Photo for July 7,...

Concentric Chalk Circles

A young girl completes another circle drawn in chalk as she and her family begin coloring in with chalk the full cul-de-sac in front of their home. My Final Photo for July 6,...

Water Plant Lime Helps Feed Hay Field

A worker closes a valve stopping the flow of lime from a holding tank where a crew is spreading lime from the water treatment plant onto the Otterbein hay field at Cooper and College View. My Final Photo for July 5,...

Paying Respects

Westerville Reserve Police Officer Ted Bretthauer with two young girls by his side salutes the Honor Guard leading the Westerville July 4th parade. My Final Photo for July 4,...

County Line Pole Painting

Workers paint the light poles black on County Line Road near Cleveland Ave. as part of a contract to refurbish that section of the roadway. My Final Photo for July 3,...

Newest Firefighters Make It Official

Westerville's newest firefighters, from left, Ryan Wamsley, Andrew Taylor, Andrew Saunders, and Stephen Burger, sign paperwork making their assignments official after being sworn in at City Council. My Final Photo for July 2,...

Summer Storm Over The Farmland

A summer storm stretches across the western horizon on a hot summer afternoon as it moves across fields of soybeans and corn near Croton, Ohio. My Final Photo for July 1,...

Thomas James Knox Hockey Rink Dedicated

Photos of Thomas James Knox sit along the edge of the outdoor hockey rink dedicated in his name at ceremonies Saturday in Alum Creek Park South. My Final Photo for June 30,...

Red For The New Rink

Workers paint logos on the surface of the Thomas Knox hockey rink getting it ready for the dedication Saturday morning. My Final Photo for June 29, 2018....

In Their Field Of Play

Four deer stand on the edge of a field of fresh cut hay watching tractor and farmer before continuing their way across the Braun Farm property near Cleveland Ave. and Cooper Road. My Final Photo for June 28,...

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