Turkey Vulture Launch

Turkey Vulture Launch

A turkey vulture launches itself from a dock stanchion at the boat landing at Red Bank Park on Hoover Reservoir. My Final Photo for Aug. 17,...

Turkey Strut in Sharon Woods

A turkey in search of food and companionship walks along the edge of the roadway leading into Sharon Woods Metro Park. My Final Photo for Aug. 16,...

First Sign Of Fall

Fresh apples joined peaches as the new fruits at Branstool Orchard's booth at the Uptown Westerville Farmers Market. My Final Photo for Aug. 15,...

Emergency Squad Emergency

A Westerville Reserve Police Officer stops traffic at Maxtown and State for a fire department emergency squad to navigate around heavy traffic near the road project site. My Final Photo for Aug. 14,...

Inspecting the steel

A steelworker inspects the top of a steel post installed for a medical office building on Altair Parkway. My Final Photo for Aug. 13,...

Jimmy V’s Ninth Anniversary Pig Roast

Mario Nedelkoski swabs oil on the whole pig he roasted Saturday to celebrate Jimmy V's ninth anniversary in Uptown Westerville. My Final Photo for Aug. 11,...

End Of The Week Completed

Steelworkers arrange steel beams and posts at the end of their Friday workday in preparation for adding to structures for the medical office building being built on Altair Parkway across the street from The Renaissance Hotel. My Final Photo for Aug. 10,...

Westar Stream Stabilization

Contractors clear debris and rocks from the creekbed of a stream being restored and stabilized that runs to Alum Creek adjacent to the bike path on Polaris Parkway in Westerville. My Final Photo for Aug. 9,...

A Peach Of An Afternoon

Shoppers line up at the Branstool Orchards table on the first day the farm brought peaches to the Uptown Westerville Farmers Market. My Final Photo for Aug. 8, 2018....

Priming Before Painting

A painting contractor applies brown primer to the green light poles along West Main Street before they are painted black as part of the city maintenance program. My Final Photo for Aug. 7,...

Hot Tar On A Hot Day

Workers for Bituminous Pavement Systems apply hot tar sealant to cracks in the roadway on Collegeview Road off Main Street. My Final Photo for Aug. 6,...

Recipe For Perfect Turkey

A young girl grooms her turkey for show in the poultry barn on the opening day of the Hartford Fair. My Final Photo for Aug. 4,...

Hoover Boardwalk Sunset

The setting sun slowly drops behind the treeline on the western shore of Hoover Reservoir as people stroll along the boardwalk near the osprey nests. My Final Photo for Aug. 3,...

Big Machines On County Line Road

A young boy runs ahead of his family to get a closer look at a paver laying asphalt on County Line Road. My Final Photo for Aug. 2,...

Tomatillos In The Hand

Farmer Lee Bird holds three of the tomatillos that were the newest crop for the season that he brought to the Uptown Westerville Farmers Market on Wednesday. My Final Photo for Aug. 1,...

Fishing And Browsing At The Dam

One angler checks his smartphone with his rod settled on the creekbed wall as the other reels his line across the rapid waters below the Alum Creek spillway in Westerville. My Final Photo for July 31,...

Making Pure Smiles Perfectly Straight

Sign workers adjust the position of the sign for a dental office being attached to the side of the building at Dempsey and Sunbury Roads. My Final Photo for July 30,...

Taking The Kayak Lead

A kayaker leads his family beneath one of the Twin Bridges spanning sections of Hoover Reservoir near Galena, Ohio. My Final Photo for July 29,...

Opposite Direction And Same Goals

A fishing kayaker and a pair of canoeing anglers navigate opposite directions on the early morning sparkling waters of Hoover Reservoir. My Final Photo for July 28,...

Dancing Across State Street At the Red Light

Irish dancers perform in the intersection of State and Home Streets during Fourth Friday, the monthly summer celebration in Uptown that closes State Street to traffic. My Final Photo for July 27,...

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