Dairy barn on farm land along Cooper Road and Cleveland Ave.

Dairy barn on farm land at Cooper Road and Cleveland Ave.

I’m continuing to visit the farm land along Cooper Road where it passes along Alum Creek and ends at Cleveland Avenue. After a few more changes in the plans presented to the city council most of this land will become a business and apartment complex with a senior care facility at it’s center.

There will be a park along the edge of the creek and green space scattered throughout the complex but the large swaths of hay and crop fields will disappear under concrete, steel and asphalt. When completed almost 25% of the working farm land in Westerville will be gone.

I have not seen the complete plans but have been told they do not include the old barn. I hope I’m wrong. When farm land along Old Westerville Road in Genoa Township was converted to houses the developers kept two barns that today stand as markers of the original use of the land. One is used as a small community center for  movies and meetings in the warmer months.

Let’s hope I’m wrong and there is a plan to save the barn.

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