April 29, 2013

Japanese Magnolia and crabapple petals. My Final Photo for April 29, 2013

It didn’t help that the weather on a Sunday was rainy and chilly. There were few people outdoors enjoying themselves, and that complicated my photo bike trek. Complicated it so much that the best photo of the day came from my iPhone from the benches beneath the crabapple tree in my front yard.

I’ve many photos from that tree. With kids climbing, hanging, running around, standing in their Easter finery under a shower of petals, and studies on pistils and stamens.

There are usually about a week when it is in full bloom. Sometimes that is cut short by a wind storm that prematurely strips away the blossoms and sometimes the leaves.

The tree is well past its prime. I’ve trimmed it many times hoping to keep it compact. It doesn’t seem to work. It grew a lot more after the larger silver maple trees in the front yard were removed when they became old and began to split and decay.

April 29, 2013I told my family that the only thing smart about my photography on Sunday was my phone.

As it turns out, it’s not a bad photo. It’s just from an iPhone.

Editors Note: I did shoot it with my DSLR.