Photography E-Books and Carry Guides

Welcome to the library of e-books and Photographer Carry Guides by Gary Gardiner. This collection of books and booklets was written to help you Become A Better Photographer. Some of the techniques explained in these publications are simple. Others are more complex but not beyond the understanding of a person who want to make better photographs and needs answers to their questions.

The Be A Better Photographer e-books are usually 24 pages of photographs and notes helping you to better understand techniques that can make for better photos. Some, such as the Aperture Priority e-book, provides an understanding of what happens with certain camera settings and help you choose the best technique for your needs.

Photographer Carry Guides are designed to fit in your pocket. Printed on a single sheet of paper, then cut and folded into a booklet that fits into a shirt pocket, wallet, or even a small purse, is a quick reference guide for when you are in the field and want to make sure your camera settings or the technique you’re exploring are going to work.

Aperture Priority E-Book

Aperture Priority E-Book Download. Right-Click and Save As.

More to come . . .

There will be more e-books. I’m not sure of the frequency. I am sure there will be more.

The next planned book is Composition, expanding on the Photographer Carry Guide below.

Each publication is a PDF file. Save it to your hard drive by right-clicking and choosing Save As.

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Eventually everyone will get the e-books and Photographer Carry Guides. You’ll get them first. And, newsletter subscribers are the only ones to get Personal PSDs.

More Carry Guides . . .

to come. If you have a specific subject you would like to see, send me a note from the contact page.

A few planned for the future include:

  • Shutter Priority
  • F-Stops Now!
  • Backlight
  • Golden Hour
  • Closeups
  • Portraits

A video showing you how to cut and fold the Carry Guide is on YouTube.