Church of the Messiah The only thing I didn’t like about Earth Day was how my knees suffered at the end of a day of bike riding around and through Westerville.The good news is it’s a great day for being on your bike. The bad news is that you will hurt at the end of the day.

I didn’t mind the pain even if my photos were not extraordinary and somewhat pedestrian. I was on my bike, outside for hours, breathing spring air and taking in the earliest of green sprouts on the trees.

A small project I’ve been working on includes the Church of the Master at Otterbein. Usually it’s very difficult to get a good photo  because the two large trees out front cast great shadows across the front of the church in summer or it looks stark and uninviting in the bleak look of winter.

In early spring as the trees begin to show the chlorophyll greens of summer and the white blossoms of apple trees border the church my photography is a little easier.

That day was Earth Day this year.