Portraits and photos with people I didn't know

Cinco de Mayo at Cluckers - My Final Photo for May 5, 2013

Cinco de Mayo at Cluckers – My Final Photo for May 5, 2013

Had a great weekend of photo fun.

On Saturday there were quilters at the Westerville Public Library followed by A lovely lady who allowed me to shoot her photo while she was having her hair done. I stayed around long enough to the finished look.

The day ended with students at Westerville Central and their families at Inniswood for the annual excursion of as many as 1,000 people into the park to create a photographic record of their prom.

Sunday was a lazy day although I stayed busy eating an omelette with homemade corn and black bean salsa to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in my house. Sorry, I ate it instead of taking a photo of it.

The highlight of my Sunday was the lovely barmaid/waitress/greeter at Cluckers in Uptown Westerville. Liked the photo so much I made it My Final Photo for the day. Also shot her with the iPhone.

Couldn’t leave the restaurant without another photo, of a chicken wing customer, also with the iPhone and the Tintype FilmPak for Hipstamatic.

Finished the day with photos of one of a group of Vineyard Church of Delaware students who spent the afternoon at a photo shoot for a youth magazine. Thanks to Leslie at Westerville Antiques for leaving her new theater seats outside for the weekend. It was perfect for photos of one of the students. Also had her with the iPhone.

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